Digital Linked Gold

Digital Linked Gold, one of the first projects launched on the D.E.B.T. Box platform has been created to establish a digital asset truly linked to a physical counterpart of gold. This has been done by linking every digital unit authorized (token) to a respective deliverable counterpart, a gram of gold.



By linking each token digitally mined to a physical gold counterpart (1 token = 1 gram of gold), DLG is considered a stable coin, which is defined as a crypto asset that maintains a stable value against a target price of 1oz. of gold represented in a USD unit-of-value. Stable Coins are designed for any (decentralized) application which requires a low threshold of volatility to be viable on a blockchain.

DLG Rewards

DLG is paired with the DEBT token. With each token linked to a physical counterpart of gold, token holders can choose to store tokens, exchange them for other currencies or redeem them for physical gold. Learn more in the DLG lite paper.

DLG tokens can only be digitally mined once the physical counterpart of gold has been identified and is made available to be delivered in its physical form, thus Linking the value of each token to this highly sought-after commodity. All DLG tokens must be digitally mined and will only be available on third-party exchanges after being mined by a D.E.B.T Box software mining license.

Mining Licenses

Mining Licenses

Each license will be rewarded with a distribution of DLG tokens every 24-hours. Rewards generated today are deposited to the DLG Piggy Bank wallet within 24-hours and from here can be withdrawn to your D.E.B.T. Box DLG wallet. Each mining cycle is a 24-hour period beginning daily at 0:00 GMT (UTC).

See For Yourself

DLG is a BEP-20 token running on the binance network. Visibility of the token contract, daily mining and wallet holders can be found on BSC scan. See the market value, available liquidity and trading pairs available on PancakeSwap. Buy some token today and participate in the growth of the DEBT Box ecosystem. (edited)

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