Explore is a project that provides technology and services to various commodity suppliers around the world. Using advanced proprietary remote sensing and satellite imagery technology, Digital Licensing, Inc., the platform’s permissioned administrator, offers suppliers of raw materials the ability to create efficiencies throughout the exploration, extraction, refining and/or production processes of raw commodities.



The D.E.B.T. Box Explore (XPLR) tokenomics have been designed as a deflationary token, to create a true supply and demand economic dynamic. The XPLR project is supported by four areas:

  1. Explore project royalties
  2. XPLR software mining license purchases
  3. An annual halving
  4. Transactional fees

A limited number of XPLR tokens will be digitally mined and placed into circulation by a limited number of software mining licenses. All XPLR tokens must be digitally mined by XPLR software mining license holders and will only be available for purchase through third-party digital currency exchanges.

Immediate Liquidity

Digital Licensing, Inc. negotiates a portion of the increased production in the form of a royalty stream from each partner’s commodity-based industry project. By generating increased production, which didn’t previously exist for a given raw material, and exchanging that newly created value, DLI is able to utilize the XPLR smart contract to perpetually purchase XPLR rewards from the secondary market and burn these tokens never to be seen again. True to deflationary tokenomics, by removing the tokens, the value of token holders’ wallets increases. Explore brings access to increased tangible raw materials that the world needs while rewarding XPLR software mining license holders.

XPLR is paired with the DEBT token. Rewards generated today are deposited to the XPLR Piggy Bank wallet within 24-hours. Withdraw these rewards to your D.E.B.T. Box XPLR wallet using the dashboard. Rewards can then be stored, exchanged for other currencies, or used to make additional D.E.B.T. Box software mining license purchases. Take a look at our lite paper for a more in depth look at XPLR and the DEBT Box ecosystem.

Mining Licenses

For every purchased XPLR software mining license, a pre-determined amount of XPLR token rewards will be placed into the XPLR Ecosystem Growth Initiative (EGl) pool. This creates enough liquidity in the ecosystem for every token digitally mined. The XPLR project will offer 500,000 retail software mining licenses. When all XPLR software mining licenses are sold, the licenses will be converted to transferable NFTs, becoming a perpetual asset.

Mining Licenses
Token Connection

See For Yourself

XPLR is a BEP-20 token running on the Binance network. Visibility of the token contract, daily mining and wallet holders can be found on BSC scan. See the market value, available liquidity and trading pairs available on PancakeSwap. Buy some token today and participate in the growth of the DEBT Box ecosystem.