The D.E.B.T. Data Center Mining (DCM) Project is supported by the physical action of confirming transactions and validating crypto mining activity, contributing to the processing power of more and faster transactions conducted across the blockchain networks. The experience of DCM’s partners combined with support for the construction of micro data centers contributed by D.E.B.T. provides the opportunity for royalties to be used to vault DCM tokens out of the ecosystem and burn them annually, allowing the demand to rise and the value of tokens to potentially increase over time.


A percentage of revenue generated from the confirmation of transaction and validation of mining activity will be converted to DCM tokens and burned. With multiple data centers being monitored, DCM tokens will continue to be taken out of the market through vaulting. Royalties received from these processes as well as internal token functions will be vaulted and then burned annually to reduce the number of tokens in circulation. With diminished supply comes increased demand, thus potentially increasing the value of the token over time.

Mining Licenses


The D.E.B.T. Data Center Mining (DCM) Project tokenomics have been designed based on the economic theory of supply and demand. Tokens are mined from the DCM Ecosystem Growth Initiative (EGI) pool on a half-life cycle. Each annual cycle, half of the tokens in the EGI are made available to be mined to mining license holders, and the other half will be mined by the treasury. Vaulted tokens will be released annually and burned. A limited number of DCM tokens will be available to be mined, and therefore placed into circulation, by a limited number of mining licenses. This is not an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project structure. See the DCM lite paper for further information on its tokenomics.

See For Yourself

DCM is a BEP-20 token running on the Binance network. The token contract, daily mining, and wallet holders can be found on BSC Scan. Market value, available liquidity, and available trading pairs can be found on PancakeSwap. Buy some DCM tokens today and participate in the growth of the D.E.B.T. ecosystem.

Token Connection

lite paper

Detailed information about the DCM Project, its tokenomics, royalties, transaction fees, and mining licenses can be found in the DCM lite paper.