To support the D.E.B.T. ecosystem, it is necessary for all software mining licenses to be hosted. Beginning January 4, 2023 all software mining licenses must be hosted through D.E.B.T. Hosting, a third-party hosting service or on a computer.


D.E.B.T. Hosting – Purchase a VBOX to receive monthly credits, or purchase credits directly with DEBT tokens. Each credit will provide one cycle of hosting service. All excess credits will be stored for future hosting services. 

Third-Party Hosting – Software mining license holders can choose to host their licenses with a third-party hosting service provider such as AWS or Vulture. Individuals will need to create an account and set up their hosting service. D.E.B.T. will provide instructions for initial setup but will not be able to offer support or answer any questions related to third-party service providers.

Computer – One license from each D.E.B.T. project can be hosted through the downloadable D.E.B.T. Desktop application.  The application can operate on a computer or laptop. To receive rewards, the device must remain powered on and connected to the internet to be able to communicate with D.E.B.T. servers. If a device is powered down, in “sleep mode,” there is a power outage, or there is no internet connection, it will not earn rewards. 

Virtual Boxes

DEBT Hosting

By offering cloud hosting services, the D.E.B.T. ecosystem benefits from the ability to provide immediate hosting to users, no supply chain issues, the ability to host licenses in multiple countries without the regulations placed on hardware, lifetime software updates so the technology is never outdated, reduced potential for downtime for users and the potential for a five percent increase in mining power versus third-party hosting service providers who can experience downtime.

How it Works

To host licenses on DEBT Hosting, it requires hosting credits, which will enable mining for one license for one cycle. There are two ways to acquire mining credits:

VBOX – Each month, each VBOX will drop enough hosting credits to host twenty licenses for that month. These credits will automatically be applied to mining, with no management required by the user. As long as you own enough VBOX to host all of your licenses, no further work is required.

Purchasing Credits – Credits will also be available ad-hoc, to either supplement your VBOX or to host all of your licenses. Hosting credits can be managed in the hosting section of your account where you can view your credit balance as well as how many mining cycles you have remaining based on that balance. Hosting credits can be purchased with DEBT tokens.

Learn More

Add to your D.E.B.T. ecosystem portfolio by purchasing a VBOX and benefit with D.E.B.T. Hosting for all your D.E.B.T. project licenses. Download the lite paper to learn more about hosting and VBOX.