D.E.B.T. is revolutionizing the water industry by bringing it into the world of crypto. The water industry is currently valued at about $342 billion dollars and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.24% per year from 2024 to 2027; this growth can be attributed to factors such as a higher demand for hygienic drinking water and increased health consciousness in consumers. As a part of the DRIP Project, a portion of the royalties earned will be put toward working closely with partners to drill wells in areas across the world that would benefit from access to clean drinking water.



DRIP tokenomics have been designed based on the economic theory of supply and demand. As a half-life token, the number of tokens in the ecosystem will continue to decrease at the annual burn of vaulted tokens, thus potentially increasing the value of the token over time. With a set and finite number of licenses and tokens set to come into existence, the DRIP project tokenomics are supported by five areas:

  1. 130,000 DRIP mining licenses will exist, along with 2,000,000 micro licenses.
  2. DRIP mining license activation.
  3. Each year on July 1, the tokens in the vault will be released and burned. The EGI pool will then match that burn amount.

10% transaction fees are charged for each transaction involving DRIP. This includes, but is not limited to withdrawals, swaps, transfers, and purchases. Half (50%) of these fees will be distributed monthly to the standard license holders, and the other half (50%) will be vaulted.

Immediate Liquidity

DRIP Project mining licenses that are active and communicating with the ecosystem will be rewarded with daily rewards (mined tokens). Each 24-hour cycle begins at 0:00 UTC (GMT) daily. All standard mining licenses must be hosted in order to receive daily mining rewards. Micro licenses do not require hosting.

Daily rewards (mined tokens) are deposited to the Piggy Bank in the Rewards section of the D.E.B.T. Dashboard and can be withdrawn to a private D.E.B.T. wallet. Take a look at our lite paper for a more in-depth look at DRIP and the D.E.B.T. ecosystem.

Mining Licenses

Mining Licenses

The purpose of the EGI pool is to hold the tokens until they are mined. The DRIP project will make available only 130,000 retail mining licenses and 2,000,000 micro licenses, and a finite total of tokens will be available to be mined. When all DRIP mining licenses are sold, the standard mining licenses will be converted to transferable NFTs, becoming a perpetual asset. Micro licenses will NOT become NFTs and are NOT transferable.

See For Yourself

DRIP is a BEP-20 token running on the Binance network. Visibility of the token contract, daily mining, and wallet holders can be found on BSC scan. See the market value, available liquidity, and trading pairs available on PancakeSwap. Buy some tokens today and participate in the growth of the D.E.B.T. ecosystem!

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