Natural Gas

Natural Gas is a DEBT Box project supported by the physical production and sale of natural gas. By purchasing a Natural Gas (NATG) Software Node license and becoming a NATG node operator, you're allowing Digital Licensing Incorporated, the DEBT Box ecosystem's permissioned administrator, to support natural gas industry projects within the exploration, drilling and physical production of natural gas with certain key benefits. License holders are rewarded for their blockchain support with NATG tokens.


The DEBT Box Natural Gas (NATG) tokenomics have been designed as a deflationary token, to create a true supply and demand dynamic. The NATG project is supported by four areas:

  1. Natural gas production royalties
  2. NATG software mining license purchases
  3. An annual halving
  4. Transactional fees

A limited number of NATG tokens will be mined and placed into circulation by a limited number of software licenses. All NATG tokens must be mined by NATG software mining license holders and will only be available for purchase through third-party exchanges

Immediate Liquidity

A percentage of revenue generated from vetted and approved natural gas projects will be converted to NATG tokens and sent to the burn wallet, never to be seen again With revenues coming from multiple gas projects in various jurisdictions, on multiple continents, NAG tokens will continually be taken out of the market.

NATG is paired with the DEBT token. To further control the circulating supply, there are a variety of events in which debt token is locked up and staked for a period of time boosting its value. Take a look at our light paper for a deeper dive.

Mining Licenses

For every purchased NATG license, pre-determined amount of NATG tokens will be placed into the NATG Ecosystem Growth Initiative (EGI) pool. This creates enough liquidity in the ecosystem for every token mined. 100,000 NAG licenses are available. Once all licenses are sold, all NAG licenses will be converted to transferable NFTs.

Mining Licenses
Token Connection

See For Yourself

NATG is a BEP-20 token running on the binance network. Visibility of the token contract, daily mining and wallet holders can be found on BSC scan. See the market value, available liquidity and trading pairs available on pancake swap. Buy some token today and participate in the growth of the debt box ecosystem.